Google Family Link

Google Family Link is an app used to regulate usage of a child’s phone.

Google Family Link’s purpose is to “help your family create healthy digital habits.”

Key features of Family Link:

  • It lets you view your child’s phone activity; which apps they’re using, and how much time they’re spending on each app.
  • Whitelist for websites.  Start by approving a website like Google for search results and phone numbers.  If your child requests to visit a website, the parent must Approve or Decline before the child can access that website.
  • You can decide if they can download apps from the App Store, and if they’re allowed to make in-app purchases.
  • You can set limits on the amount of Screen Time they’re allowed to have each day.  You can also set a bedtime for their device.
  • You can see their phone’s location.

Here is what Family Link is NOT:

  • It’s NOT a filter or monitoring app.
  • However, you can control the filtering options for Google Search and Chrome from Family Link, as well as turn on Restricted Mode for YouTube.

Other information:

  • Family Link is 100% free.
  • Family Link works seamlessly with Android devices, since it’s from Google.
  • Family Link does NOT work with Apple devices.


  • It’s a great option for Android users to help their child manage their screen time and app access.
  • It’s NOT a great way to filter content or manage an iPhone.

To learn more, visit

To download Family Link, visit the Google Play Store.  

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