Google Safe Search


Google offers a feature that may help deter explicit material that can come up on your screen when your child is doing a simple Google search for homework.  To make sure Google Safe Search is enabled, open your Google search screen.  You must be signed into your Google account for this to work effectively. 

Looking at the screenshot below, on the bottom right, is the settings tab, click that to open, click on Search Settings. 

It opens the following screen.  Be sure the “Turn On SafeSearch” is checkmarked.   Scroll down and hit SAVE!!

Another feature of safe search, it will decrease the amount of inappropriate images.  Do a google search, click the IMAGES tab, right beside the All.  On the RIGHT of the screen you should see “SafeSearch On”, with a little downward toggle. If you click on the down arrow it will say “Filter Explicit Results”. 

Here are 2 further articles that have information on how-to of the Safe Search.  We hope this information further enhances keeping our children safe from online dangers.

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