Modern Media Guidelines

Modern Media Guidelines:

Technology isn’t inherently evil; it’s more about how we choose to use it. We need to teach our adults & children how to safely use technology. With technology, we are required to give Biblical guidelines and safe boundaries that create long-term values.

  • Filter & Accountability
    • Utilize parental controls/restrictions/monitoring on each device (computer, phone, tablet).
    • Add a filter on the internet signal coming into your house (router).
    • In your home, keep the computers in a public place. For portable devices, set boundaries about where in the home they may be used.
    • Simple & frequent checks on your own & your families’ devices, email accounts, and social media accounts could keep us from inappropriate interactions.
  • Time & Age limits
    • We recommend not giving smart phones or other portable devices with internet connections to children under 16. Remember, once you start, you won’t be able to go back.
    • Define acceptable times/amounts of use.
    • Define non-acceptable times. Examples: school, Sundays, bedtime, meal times
    • Define time allowed playing games and what games are allowed.
    • Practice “App Fasting” – take a break from technology one hour per day, one day per week, one week per year.

Adjust times with age & maturity as they build your trust.

  • Never use technology in a hurtful way
    • Never say anything online that you wouldn’t say face-to-face.
    • Never forward or post a photo/text that you wouldn’t want public.
    • Remember everything placed online can become public.
  • Teach & Communicate
    • Lead by Example – Children can easily tell when we don’t live what we teach. Your example means more to them than your words.
    • Think Ahead – Instruct your children with the future in mind – eventually they will be moving away, and you want them to understand the reasons behind what you are teaching.
    • Be upfront & clear.
    • If your child has a good understanding of the expectations of using the device, it will be easier to enforce the boundaries.
    • Could consider having your child sign a written contract before given a device.