Open DNS

Inside your home, your internet network is accessed via a device called a “router”.  The router connects to your internet service provider and, either wirelessly or by ethernet cables, connects all the devices in your home to the internet.

Most home networks rarely have one single type of device connecting to it. Usually, there’s a blend of Windows, Android, iOS, and maybe even Macs. How do you keep all these devices connected while keeping younger users out of trouble?  The easiest and most fool-proof way to filter the internet content coming into your home is by modifying your router settings.  There’s no technological substitute for proper adult supervision, but a free service called OpenDNS Family Shield makes it easy for parents to block adult content with one simple tweak.

Following are two web pages that will introduce OpenDNS, explain how it works, and show you how to configure your router to filter out the content you do not want entering your home.

The first article is more of a general introduction, as well as some how-to instructions.

However, a more in-depth how-to guide can be found on the website of our sister committee First NRC Modern Media.

While this is a very effective tool for filtering home internet, remember that router controls will do nothing to filter the content on smartphones or tablets when they are accessing the internet outside of your home.

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