Vault Apps – Are They Hiding Something?


VAULT APPS – Are They Hiding Something?

At first glance one sees a calculator and music app–normal  apps found on a cell phone, right? However, this is an easy way to hide pictures and videos from your typical photo gallery. They are also used to hide chats, searches,downloads within various apps.

With a quick Google search, there are You-Tube videos and articles suggesting the best apps available to conceal photos or other information on your cell phone. While some articles boast of the importance of hiding your personal information, credit card information, media files under these vault apps (also called ghost or disguised apps), simple safety settings on your cell phone can do the same.  The most common use for these is to hide inappropriate cell phone pictures/videos or shared pictures and media that a person  doesn’t want anyone else to view.  

Even though this article is from 2016, it is a good reminder to once again be proactive in monitoring the devices in your home.   

 While there are many disguised apps available, below are some of the common vault apps on devices to hide media.

Simple tapping of apps on a device is a way to detect vault apps–a calculator app should open a calculator, etc. Using filters, such as Qustodio suggested by our Synod, may help when new apps are downloaded  If you do find secret apps, discuss with your loved ones the dangers of hidden pictures, files, media.  Even though it may be hidden from man, may we remember what we have learned from a young age, “Thou God seest me.” Genesis 16:13

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