8 Useful Apps

Technology changes our lives in many ways.  While we tend to focus and guard against the negative, we’d like to highlight several smartphone apps that bring benefits: making us more efficient in our daily work, making God’s Word more clear and accessible, and making communication easier.  


The Bible

Read God’s Holy Word on your phone. Searching, bookmarking, and listening to the audio version are just a few of the benefits.  

Note:  we still suggest using a printed Bible for the majority of your Bible reading, as your phone brings distractions which can easily derail your reading or listening.


Read insightful explanations of the Bible from trusted sources like John Calvin and Matthew Henry, easily accessible on your phone or tablet.

Common Shared Grocery List (Out of Milk app).

No more texting photos of the grocery list on the side of the fridge.  Create multiple lists for various stores, and add items from any phone that has the app.

Common shared space on the Cloud

With online data and document storage, working as a group on shared documents has never been easier.  Siouxland MMC uses Google Drive to store all our data, which is then easily accessed by our entire group.


Can I plant corn this afternoon?  How should I dress for our field trip tomorrow?  Can I leave the windows open tonight? Accurate weather forecasts are very useful in our day-to-day lives, and very accessible thanks to many phone apps.

Sermons on Dropbox

Thanks to the work of several diligent church members, many of the sermons preached in Rock Valley and Sioux Center are now available to stream from Dropbox.  You can also download them to your phone for your next road trip.


Banish Post-It notes forever with a note-taking app.  One such app is Workflowy. Said to “Organize Your Brain”, it’s simple interface and powerful bulleted lists can change the way you store information about all aspects of your life.  The rough draft for this article was created in Workflowy.


Where’s the nearest place to get a cup of coffee?  Can I make it to the next gas station? “Are we there yet?”  Get the answers from a Map App.  Besides guiding you to your destination, other useful features include saving favorite addresses, avoiding road construction, and looking up phone numbers.

mobile app photo credit to:  https://www.tcognition.com/mobile-application-development/