Android vs. Apple

This article is meant to give a recommendation for choosing a device that allows the safest environment for children.  It is meant to compare an Apple iOS device with a Google Android device.


Through the research process I have developed the opinion that the Google Android may offer more control of features and points of concern to a parent.  The downside will be that it requires some technical ability and determination. If you want to allow more popular apps and websites while being able to control more features inside of them, Google Android may be the safest decision.  


Apple devices may allow for an easier setup / configuration and afford as safe of an environment without the granular control.  With Apple you will want to spend some time to understand the final results of what the built in features provide. Apple’s downfall is that they don’t offer as much control or monitoring built in if you give access to some of the popular apps and websites.  This is where the additional parental control software is needed to regain some of that control.


While looking at information to create a recommendation I ran across a parental control program that stated their software on an Android device has more features than their software on an Apple device.(1)   The following statement was theirs.   Why? “Apple’s iOS offers parents LOTS of options to add other customized controls to ensure kids and younger teens stay safe online and while using apps.”  The second link below (2) is to an article that explains things as good as anywhere I’ve looked. It has a comparison of of features available and a better explanation of the Apple integrated features.  The third link (3) goes into more detail on various features and points of concern controllable by some of the parental control programs.


My recommendation: Apple, its an easier way to get to a safe environment.  As more apps and websites are allowed it becomes more of a maturity / observational issue.  You may want to consider Google Android if you have concerns.