A recent survey found that at least one in four teens receive sexually explicit texts and emails. At least one in seven teens send “sexts.” Why do they do it? To show off, to entice someone, to show interest in someone, or to prove commitment. Or even as a joke. Teens’ developing interest in sex, an impulse to experiment, and apps that make sexting easy — and acceptable — create an environment that some teens find irresistible.


The attached article and video highlights these common causes of sexting and gives parents some advice on how to handle this potential problem with your children.  At a minimum, the Modern Media committee recommends the following:

  1. Communicate with your children, early and often, about the sin and dangers of sexting
  2. Don’t allow apps that send disappearing photos (i.e. Snapchat) on your children’s’ devices
  3. Use a monitoring / accountability app (i.e. Qustodio, Covenant Eyes, Bark) on your children’s’ devices