Online Security & Privacy

In an age of eroding online privacy, many people are looking for secure alternatives to Google and Microsoft and other data collecting providers for internet browsers, search engines and many other online activities. is an independent website with no advertising or paid content that publishes reviews and guides with the mission “to give you all the information and tools you need to restore your online privacy, secure your electronic devices, and stay safe online. “


You should be aware that most of the big search engines today serve as data collection tools for advertising companies which collect your private data and use it to make money with targeted ads. reviews and gives suggestions for using many different search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Swisscows, Metagear, Searx, and others.

SECURE BROWSERS – Many popular browsers also collect data for advertising companies.  Some more secure browsers that are reviewed here are Brave, DuckDuckGo, and Firefox.

SECURE MESSAGING APPS – This article covers which apps to consider (such as Signal and Telegram), and which apps to avoid (such as WhatsApp), if privacy is a concern.

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