Tinder App Review

Tinder is an online dating app used by 7.8 million people in the United States alone, making it the most popular dating app in the US.  Of that, 75% are male, 24 % are female, and 30% are married.  With those statistics, one can see where problems lie in using an online dating app, which, as correctly defined on the Tinder website is a “popular app for meeting people” and “the possibility of forming connections that could lead to more”, or as most users know it as a “hook-up” app.

Here is a basic rundown of how Tinder works for a person.  Once a user (supposed to be an 18 year age requirement) sets up their profile, Tinder can “match” them with other users.  From there, the user ‘swipes right’ if they are interested in the match, or ‘swipes left’ if not interested. If both parties swipe right, they can message each other, or more. From there,  Tinder gets much more involved.  With the free features, the user only gets so many ‘likes’ in a day, is not bumped to the top of a list, and has limits on his/her location.  Tinder then offers 3 paid tiers which have some of these features:  increase the users photo time, undo left swipes, hide age, get a Tinder passport if you are traveling, no ads, Tinder U (to find people at your university), Moments (similar to Snapchat), etc. With all these options, the user increases their odds to hook up with a person, as desired. 

In addition, users can also specify certain phrases or emojis, which all have a different meaning.  ONS stands for one night stand, or something similar: “casual fun” or “no strings” or “only here for a good time”.  Rainbow emoji indicates gay/lesbian, a plug in designates looking for drugs, or they will sell them, a unicorn indicates looking for a 3rd party for sex.  These are a few of the ways people can use Tinder as a hookup app.  

From the above mentioned, one can see where many problems can arise from using dating apps.  Some problems include emotional needs not being met, inability to form long term relationships, sexually transmitted diseases (if hooking up with other people), superficial ‘liking’, potential predators, etc.  From a Biblical standpoint, there are so many more implications, especially if one struggles with sexual sin–Tinder can tempt easily.   It may only be a temporary happiness that could be found on Tinder.  Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord, that it may be His will, that one may have a partner for life, not one chosen by a picture profile.

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