App Locker

App Locker

Another new term in modern media use–app locker.  You might be wondering, “What is an app locker?” It is as it sounds; basically, it is an app that can safeguard existing downloaded apps on your device, by ‘locking’ them.  App lockers help prevent children, or other parties, from delving into personal information. The ability to “lock” only certain apps using a pattern code or PIN code known to the user, is what makes this feature beneficial to smartphone users.

When and who should you have an app locker installed on their smartphone or device?

  1. People who have kids. This is especially true if your kids use your phone for various activities like watching YouTube or playing kids games. Set up the applock correctly and you can keep your kids out of your camera, gallery, social media, banking apps, and even out of your app store to prevent unwanted purchases. This use is beneficial for avoiding accidents and unwanted taps.
  2. People who share a single device. Sharing a device among a single family or group of roommates where extra security on personal information is warranted. For example, keeping your roommate from messing with your game files; making sure your kids don’t buy unnecessary things using your credit card number.
  3. Any situation where you don’t want someone snooping on your phone. With the understanding that your own actions and apps are respectable and innocent, not a way to avoid judgment from loved ones. An applocker is a helpful way to keep people out of specific apps; especially banking apps, social media, messaging apps, your photo gallery, and various similar apps.

Are there any downsides to an applocker?

  1. Most phones have a  security or lock setting to open the phone already, therefore removing the necessity of an applocker.
  2. iOS is the only operating system with this already in place; all other operating systems need a third-party download to create locks on certain apps.
  3. The regular user (you), will also have to enter the password to use the locked apps.

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As with anything, app lockers can be hacked, but it is a simple way to add an extra layer of protection on your device. Each person’s actions will be accounted for by the Creator on judgment day, and must be weighed against Biblical teachings, but an applock is a helpful tool for keeping personal information exactly that. It is still advised by our Synod to use a filter on your router or device. 

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