Cyberbullying Surpasses Bullying

Cyberbullying Surpasses Bullying as Most Common Type of Harassment


For much of the 2020 school year, most children in America were  schooled from their homes.  During this time, one would think that bullying (which typically happens at school, on the school yard, or on the school busses) would have decreased.

Unfortunately, 2020 was the first year that cyberbullying surpassed all other methods and became the most common type of harassment.  Teens don’t have to physically be at school – they can just use their smartphones to continue to harass their peers.  A recent article posted by Very Well Family explains the facts.

Cyberbullying isn’t new.  October 10, 2020 marked 8 years since Amanda Todd, a Canadian teenager, took her own life after suffering both bullying and cyberbullying for a period of 3 years.  About one month before her death, she posted a YouTube video that she made to document her story.  That YouTube video eventually went viral and can still be viewed online (we’ve chosen not to link to it because of some graphic language in the video).  Thankfully, Amanda’s story and cause eventually led many Canadian provinces and US states to pass cyberbullying laws.

However, laws are never enough.  We must start at home.  Educate yourself on the signs of cyberbullying.  Read up on SMMC’s previous post about cyberbullying.  Above all, pray that the Lord will bless our efforts to prevent cyberbullying in our families and communities.


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